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Robert A. Sanda

Bob Sanda. Bob passed away in the early morning of January 18th, 2021. Did you know Bob Sanda? Did you know he grew up in a very small Ohio town named Maynard? This is where he compiled and catalogued in his memory the story upon story upon story he would share with every listening ear he met.

Did you know he played football? Coached football? Watched football? He played for St. Clairsville High School, coached at Randolph High School and Orange High School and watched his beloved Ohio State Buckeyes every Saturday during the fall football season.

Did you know he was a teacher? One of the best ever? He was inducted into Orange High School’s Hall of Fame. His acceptance speech was EPIC because it was filled with story upon story upon story. He loved teaching and interacting with his students, co-teachers and athletes that came into his life. The 8th grade class trips to Washington, D.C. with Mr. Koons, Mr. Peterson and Mr. Kirschner were what legendary tales are made of. He adored his teaching career.

Did you know his wife, Julie? Did you know their love lasted for 60 years? They laughed, loved, argued, resolved, and raised their children in a home where they knew they were safe. Did you know that he left her love letters underneath her pillow on her birthday, Mother’s Day, or even just on a Tuesday? He loved. He loved her and their song, “You and Me Against The World” that helped them through some of the difficult times they faced together. They had inside jokes and, of course, inside stories because that’s what made their love complete. Bobby and Julie, a pair like no other.

Did you know they had four children? Tony, Tom, Bob and Sally. Bob was proud of each of them for so many reasons. And in each you can see a little of Bob’s personality and zest for life. We carry on his tradition of storytelling and making people feel welcome every time we see an old friend or meet a new one. Dad’s “tough love” was evident at times, but we knew it stemmed from a heart of unconditional love.

Did you know his daughter Sally married Ryan? They had two children and that made Bob Sanda become Pa. Pa’s stories now got told to another generation. His granddaughter Samantha made his heart swell when she graduated Summa Cum Laude from his Alma Mater, THE Ohio State University. He was Samantha’s co-conspirator when she didn’t want to go to sleep, he was her encourager, her playmate, and her best friend. Her Pa. His grandson Nathan exemplifies who Pa really is. Nathan is not afraid to tinker on projects and gets his hands dirty in a way that Pa did on a daily basis. Nathan’s sense of humor and orneriness will continue to remind us of what great fun Bob was!

Did you know he had a granddaughter-in-law and great granddaughter? Anayeli and Isabella didn’t get to hear the stories from Pa, but that is where we all come in. We will never let them forget… we will laugh and chortle and keep the stories going forever…

One last thing. Did you know Bob went blind 15 years ago? It was something that pained him more than just physically because even though the stories were still told, he couldn’t see the joy he was bringing to others.

But we leave you with this…if we believe what we believe, then our dad is whole and he can see. And what a sight it is!

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost, but now I am found

Was blind, but now I see.

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