Kindrich-McHugh Steinbauer Funeral Home

Family Staff

“The People Who Care”… Kindrich-McHugh Steinbauer. The philosophy we live by… “Devoted to the dignified celebration of a loved one’s life.” Our people are here because they want to be here to help support others. Our family staff, led by Tom Steinbauer, is knowledgeable, informative and educational in all facets of funeral service. Tim Leslie and his family also live at the funeral home and has been a valued employee with the company for over 15 years. Our depth of support and strength is promoted by our association with other family owned and operated funeral homes in Northeastern Ohio. Monthly gatherings allow us to exchange ideas and discuss new interests and needs of our clients. This partnership not only allows us to better serve our families that would like to use a funeral home in another locality but also enables them to talk to and work with the funeral director of their choice. We have adopted the name FORESIGHT FAMILY FUNERAL HOMES to foster our ideals.

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